I have tried to reopen this group under the title of "The Myths of Defiance", a group with more than plain-old winged felines. Unfortunately, recent problems and the soon-to-be lack of membership has claimed the end of this group. I'm sorry if anyone saw interest.

R.I.P The Myths of Defiance

11/13/17 - 1/11/18

Never will I forget this first attempt to a clan.

Greetings. Edit

Welcome to the wiki page dedicated to The Felines of Defiance. We are a roleplay group consisting of diverse of winged cats, we roleplay both here and Animal Jam.

Information about this group. Edit

We are a roleplaying community mostly seen on Animal Jam. We were founded on (tba when group is open), and our Founder is FaunaWings/Fauna (Also known as Skylachiwa).

Our group was begun to be developed on 11/13/17, with very little as a start.

((Apologies for the lack of info and such here, it's unfinished and being worked on slowly by one struggling child hahahah)

Small Q and A (PM @FaunaWings if you have any!) Edit

Q: Are you a sidegroup?

A: No, this is a main group. You are allowed to join sidegroups if you are part of The Felines of Defiance.

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